Church Council

There are a variety of exciting ministries going on in the life of St. Timothy’s. It is the desire of our Congregational Council to support and to help connect and plug in members of the congregation into those ministries!

The Congregation Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and invites you to speak up at their monthly meeting. Time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting for members of the congregation to address the council. Council meetings start at 7:00pm. The time to address to the council will follow the opening devotion and prayer. It is not required to notify anyone ahead of time, but if you wish to do so, please contact Scott Merrihew at

And of course, we invite you to talk with us at church or to email any of us if you are interested in serving on council or with your ideas, questions and or concerns.

Scott Merrihew : President

Scott Merrihew

Shaun Lovick : VP and Personnel

Shaun Lovick

VP and Personnel
Tonya Schmidt : Secretary

Tonya Schmidt

Jeff Gross : Community Development

Jeff Gross

Community Development
Brita Ditola : Faith Development

Brita Ditola

Faith Development
Kim Huebner : Finance

Kim Huebner

Jana Tindall : Mutual Ministry

Jana Tindall

Mutual Ministry
Derek Howell : Property

Derek Howell

Carol Mickelson : Social Outreach

Carol Mickelson

Social Outreach

Alex Harris : Stewardship

Alex Harris

Bill Wilson : Treasurer

Bill Wilson

Greg Kerfoot : Visioning

Greg Kerfoot

Thor Davidson : Witness

Thor Davidson

Andy McKenn : Youth Education and Outreach

Andy McKenn

Youth Education and Outreach